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What is AK 47?

Admit it that at first, you felt intimidated by its violent name after all we all know what an AK 47 gun can do. Be rest assured, this has nothing to do with the conventional AK 47 everyone knows. This is a sativa dominant hybrid cannabis strain (with usually 65% sativa and 35% Indica) with bright white coloring that gives a subtle and mellow feeling and can keep you glued to your couch. It brings about joy and upliftment and brings unrivaled calm which can be consumed with music. This strain is said to have roots in Thailand and Afghanistan following the end of the war in the 1970s and it was later upgraded in 1999 to produce uniform seeds. It has average THC levels while CBD levels get as high as 1.5%.

AK 47 plant

Its buds are usually dense and form cone shapes. AK-47 should sprout a lot of orange hairs to complement its light evergreen color. Flowers should exude heavy notes of fresh soil and flower petals, with a twinge of bitterness. This sativa-dominant strain mixes Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and afghani varieties, bringing together a complex blend of flavors and effects which deliver a long lasting and steady cerebral action to get you on your feet.

AK 47 effects

AK 47 may smell earthy and taste sweet but that’s not the only tick under its sleeves. It is reputed for its ability to work on the brain nerves thereby bringing serenity, creativity, happiness and humor to the users. Best used for recreational purposes like when you want to fun in amusement packs. Also when you need some inspiration and creativity for your arts or when you just want to have some fun . Some side effects like dry mouth and nervousness exist but they don’t come close to the pros of this wonder

AK 47 is available at your nearby pharmacist on prescription or can be gotten from any trusted online shop. Its available on this here so take the chance and open your mind to more creative and happy ideas. We are here for you


1 ounce, 1/4 pound, 1/2 pound, 1 pound

2 reviews for AK-47

  1. Randy69

    This is surely my all time favourite. It may not be the real weapon but this can get you f***ed up. Totally trippin for this shit

  2. Jennifer Lorel

    Great site with good delivery and trustworthy to deal with but then I would love it if your stepped it up a notch with your customer service cause putting it in a more nice way, it is horrible and that’s as nice as it gets

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