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Buy lsdtabs online

Buy lsdtabs online. Get a great taste of the psychedelic and mind blowing effects of this lsd and you surely won’t get enough. Lsdtabs come in μg or micrograms. Their price range differ in relations to their μg and the least μg sold here is 250. Lsd sheets however are larger and give a wider psychedelic trip and are sold in sheets with the least sheet made up of 300 tabs sold at $900

This is the house favourite for a reason you will soon find out.

2 reviews for Lsdtabs

  1. Trevor Stones

    Lovely shit with a great tripping experience. Never knew psychedelics could be this good

  2. Sarah Halles

    Damn this is the greatest trip I’ve had since I began getting green. This is hard stuff man and I almost felt like my soul was leaving my body cause it was too intense

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